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King Billy has the best video slots in Ontario, Canada. Our platform has an enormous number of casino games that users have been enjoying since our establishment. King Billy is well-known in the whole world, getting recognized in the gambling community as the “Best Casino” from 2018 to 2020. One of the types of games we specialize in is video slots in Ontario.

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    What Are Video Slots: the Detailed Explanation

    Think about these casino games as newer, digitized versions of classic slots. Instead of a retro-based, pull-the-lever slot, it has an extra layer (or two) of multimedia, more buttons or reels, extra sounds, and additional animations.

    Video-based slots can get played in a digital format or in-house. For instance, you can enjoy these games through the land of King Billy or at a physical casino location. Whichever will provide a similar experience, online, however, own any physical buttons or levers to initiate the game.

    Video Slots Ontario

    Primary Features of Video Slots in Ontario

    Ontario supports gambling like no other province in Canada. No wonder, considering 64.5% of those on our land enjoy gambling. However, Ontario is different from any other area in the country. In this province, the noble players of King Billy online casino can obtain the following features when they play video slots in Ontario.

    • Proper regulation. The iGaming Ontario (iGO) has worked closely with the government of Ontario to establish a protected, regulated, and well-sought-after gambling industry. His Majesty King Billy is regulated by the organization, offering optimal satisfaction and safety for all citizens that play.
    • Fast payouts. Due to this regulation, noble players of King Billy are guaranteed fast payouts without any hassle. Because we’re regulated to the highest standard, our practices ensure optimal player fulfillment from the gameplay to the rewards.
    • Vast Slot Options. As we have access to a thriving and well-protected market of gamblers, our platform has abundant video slots for players from Ontario, Canada. At King Billy Casino, our kingdom is filled with thousands of different gaming options, ready whenever you want to indulge.

    The land of Ontario is a fruitful one for gamblers across the globe. Including the vast amount of gaming opportunities, players can also ensure they’re protected, secure, and promised a quality gambling experience.

    How to Play Video Slots in Ontario Casino

    King Billy, a casino with more than 20 awards, has made playing online slots remarkably easy for Canadians. If you live within this land, the primary requirement is that you must be over 19 years of age.

    When or if you’re over 19, you can sign-up for our platform effortlessly. To begin the sign-up process and start playing these slots, you need to follow the below instructions:

    1. Head over to King Billy Casino and click the Sign-up button.
    2. Once here, enter the required information, such as your email, password, and the currency you wish to play with.
    3. That’s it; you’re signed up for a reputable, legal casino that has thousands of online video slots.

    Remember, you need a source of name and age verification (i.e., a passport or driving license) when you want to withdraw funds. We will request this to prevent any cases of advantage play or fraud.

    3 Tips to Increase Wins at Video Slots

    When playing any of these slots, it’s an excellent idea to strategize. Like any game, a plan or strategy can help increase your odds of winning. Though this can help with slots also, having a “match plan” can help control your spending and limit any habits.

    Depending on the individual, there are many different ways to strategize. However, we strongly recommend following the below:

    • Find high-RTP games. All video slots and other casino games have different RTP (return to player) rates. These rates determine how often users will win. Ideally, you’ll want to search for high-RTP games, which is anything above 95%.
    • Make use of free spin games. With slot games, everything helps. Though many steer away from free spins, go towards them. One of the best strategies is to select a game with free spins, as they generally offer longer gameplay, thus a higher chance of winning.
    • Bet enough to enable all features. Depending on the game, you might need to place a certain bet size to enable all features. You have a much higher chance of success when these are turned on.

    There are many different strategies you can implement. However, at King Billy, we recommend the above. Following these are simple yet effective.

    The 5 Best Video Slots Providers in Ontario

    King Billy offers the best digital-based slots in Ontario. On our platform, we have thousands of options. We strongly recommend playing the following provider’s games:


    Founded in 2014, Spinomenal has taken the online casino industry by storm. With their fair share of games, such as Book of Horror, which has an RTP of 96.14%, it’s clear why.


    Another option you should strongly consider is Endorphina. This provider has produced some of the best casino games. Our favorite, Book of Vlad, offers outstanding game mechanics while offering a 5,000x max win.


    If you’re searching for a flurry of video slot games, then Wazdan is a superior option. With games such as Magic Spins, 9 Burning Stars, and much more, this provider has abundant games within the sector that are significantly favored.


    Another excellent option is 4theplayer. The quality of its games is unbelievable. There are many gaming opportunities to select from: from 9k Yeti and 12 Trojan Mysteries to 4 Fantastic Fish. All these games are highly valued in today’s online gambling market.


    The last honorable mention is Booming Games. Despite having many popular games, one that stands out from the rest is The Wild Wing of Phoenix. With perfect gameplay and bright medieval graphics, it offers a unique gambling experience. Though we have a large catalog of online casino game providers, these are our top four. You can’t go wrong with these. Each offers a unique gaming experience while including good RTPs.

    Comparison of Classic Slots and Video Slots

    At our online casino, we have a flurry of games. Whether you want to play classic slots or video-based options, we have them all. But which is better, and what should you play? When deciding between each option, it’s hard for us to recommend which is better. After all, it truthfully depends on what you want to receive from your gambling experience.

    However, we suggest that classics are the way forward if you’re searching for simple gameplay and beginner-friendly slot games. Perhaps you want games with exciting themes, thrilling bonuses, more winlines, and updated graphics; then video slots are perfect.

    Play Video Slots in Ontario

    Legal Requirements to Play Video Slots in Ontario

    To play any online casino in Ontario, you must fulfill the legal requirements. Luckily, for those living in the province, it’s straightforward. King Billy is one of the most awarded casinos in the region. If you want to play these video-based slots, you must be 19 years old or older. Once or if you’re able to meet this age requirement, you need to sign-up for a King Billy account.

    Doing this will grant you access to deposit onto our casino and start playing all our games. However, when you withdraw funds, you must issue a form of identification (passport, driving license, etc.). This will clarify you’re over the legal age and show us you’re the person wanting to withdraw.


    👑 Are Video Slots in Ontario Rigged?

    No, they are not. Video slots in Ontario at a trustworthy online casino King Billy are based on a random number generator. This ensures that the games give equal chances of winning to all players. Our casino has a license from a reputable regulator, iGaming Ontario (iGO), so it operates legally and provides only fair games.

    👑 Are There Free Slots in Ontario I Can Play?

    There are a lot of real-money slots in Ontario. But are there any free-to-play options? Yes, we allow all users to test the demo of any game on our platform. Search for the slots you’d like to play and hit the demo. Here, you’ll get directed to a demo version of the game that’s free.

    👑 Does Anyone Ever Win Big on Video Slots?

    There have been some life-changing wins. On King Billy’s homepage, you can see a list of top winners, with some jackpots being over $100,000.
    If you play big, you increase the chances of winning big. But note that you should play with what you’re comfortable losing.

    👑 Can I Play These Games on My Mobile Phone in Ontario?

    All our games at King Billy are available on Android and iOS. Our website is mobile-optimized, meaning it’ll work via an Internet browser on your mobile. You can play wherever, whenever, on any device.

    👑 Should I Play Video Slots for Real Money in Ontario?

    You can win and lose money playing slot games. Bet only with what you’re comfortable with losing. Doing this will ensure you don’t fall into any addiction or financial hardship over gambling.

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