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An online casino with live dealers brings the excitement of in-person gambling wherever you are. Whether you’re taking a much-needed lunch break or relaxing on a tropical beach, you can enjoy the thrill of gambling.

The King Billy Kingdom is a premier online live casino. Here, King Billy’s citizens can enjoy playing games at a live casino in Ontario, Canada, with real dealers. The benevolent King Billy makes it easy for players to win big at their convenience in games like blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more!

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    How Does Ontario’s Online Casino with a Live Dealer Work?

    In the land of King Billy, players can enjoy online live casino games from the comfort of their homes, offices, or anywhere they’d like. Online casino games with live dealers offer the same experience as if you were at a brick-and-mortar casino.

    Live dealers deal out cards according to the game you’re playing. Players can make bets in real-time against other participants and watch as live dealers keep the action moving. His Majesty King Billy wants his nobles to enjoy the thrill of live gambling, no matter where they are.

    It’s important to know that all live casino games are fast-paced and require real-money bets. If you’re new to playing a certain game or want to play at a slower pace, you should check out the traditional casino games at King Billy or even their free modes. The free games allow players to practice, improve their skills, and learn the game without putting real money on the line. Traditional casino games give players the chance to test their skills with real money without the pressure of the fast pace of a live casino.

    Live Dealer Ontario

    Playing the Best Live Casino Games in Ontario

    The King Billy Kingdom is a true playground for online casino players. Here, players can enjoy a wide range of live casino games with legit real-money earnings. These live casino games work and feel like the real deal! If you’ve played any of these games at an in-person casino, you will have no trouble winning big at King Billy.

    King Billy’s nobles are constantly playing live online casino games and earning big winnings when playing games like blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and more. If you’re looking to enjoy the excitement of live casino games from anywhere in the world, then you need to try them at King Billy.


    This is one of King Billy’s most popular live online casino games. Punters can play live roulette with a live dealer against other players in real time at this casino. The live casino roulette rules are simple: place your bets and cross your fingers for a ball to land in the chosen places of the wheel!


    You can play one of the most exciting casino games at this live dealer casino in Ontario online. While playing live blackjack, you can face off against a live dealer and place real-money bets. Everyone is hoping to beat the house and score 21!


    If you’re feeling competitive, then you need to head to King Billy to play live poker against some of the world’s fiercest competitors. Here, players can enjoy live casino poker to earn legit real money. This is a dream come true for online gamblers in Ontario!


    There are few as thrilling games as baccarat in the world. Players go head to head against each other and a live dealer as they place their bets, hoping to earn real money. The stakes are high, and the excitement is even higher when playing baccarat at King Billy.

    Live Casino Bonuses You Can Get at King Billy in Ontario

    His Majesty King Billy rewards his most noble subjects with bonuses, freebies, and more. King Billy is constantly adding new promotions and bonuses for its loyal players. Here are the main types of rewards you can find at this casino.

    In his extreme generosity, King Billy has granted all new players a welcome bonus. King Billy offers four incredible welcome bonuses to new players as they make their first four deposits. Make sure to read the rules to get the most out of your welcome bonuses:

    • For the 1st deposit, players will be awarded 100% of their first deposit up to C$500 + 100 Free Spins.
    • For the 2nd deposit, players will be awarded 50% of their deposit up to C$500 + 50 Free Spins.
    • For the 3rd deposit, players will be awarded 25% of their deposit up to C$1000. For the 4th deposit, players will be awarded 75% of their deposit up to C$500 + 100 Free Spins.

    To enjoy the generosity of his Majesty, King Billy, be sure to deposit the maximum amounts to earn the biggest rewards possible. And don’t forget to use your free spins! This way, you can earn real money at dozens of slots available at King Billy.

    King Billy’s kindness has no bounds. Another way of showing gratitude toward his players is by offering King’s points. For every bet placed in a King Billy casino game, you get King’s points. It is possible to exchange them for cash to play with in other live casino games. It’s that easy! The more you play, the more you earn, and the more you can redeem.

    King points require a minimum bet of C$50 for slots and C$250 for live games. When you register with King Billy, you will see two types of King’s points: Status and Redeemable. Status King’s points define your status in the Kingdom. The higher the status is, the higher cashback you can get. Redeemable King’s points can be converted to real cash you can play with.

    Casino With Live Dealers in Ontario

    How Do Live Casino Deposits and Withdrawals Work?

    King Billy makes it easier than ever to deposit money to play live casino games and withdraw your winnings. With a wide variety of payment options, players can quickly deposit and withdraw the money they need.

    Before making a deposit, King Billy will require players to verify their address and banking information. This is to prevent fraud and protect your real-money earnings. King Billy accepts several currencies, including the Canadian Dollar, Euro, US dollar, and others.

    Most methods offer instant processing times without fees for deposits and withdrawals. The only exceptions are for withdrawals with Visa and MasterCard, and bank transfers. Card transactions can take 1-3 banking days. And bank transfers can take 3-5 banking days.

    What You Need to Play Live Casino Games in Ontario

    Punters must meet a few requirements to play at King Billy. To start, all players must submit their basic personal information, such as name, address, age, etc. Your personal data is 100% safe with us. We require your personal information to prevent any fraud or laundering activities. We do this to protect you and your earnings! We use the most up-to-date data encryption techniques to safeguard your personal data from hackers.

    When creating an account, we will also need proof of a valid ID. This can be almost any government-issued ID. This step is required to prevent fraud and verify your details. You can take a picture or upload a scan of your documents, whichever way is easier for you! Any eligible player must be over 19 years old. This is a requirement of the law.

    Creating an account at King Billy is quick and easy. As long as you’re an eligible player and submit the proper documents, you can start playing live casino games almost immediately!


    đź‘‘ Are Live Casino Games Better Than Traditional Online Casino Games?

    Depending on what you like, live casino games can offer more fun than traditional online casino games. Live casino dealer games offer the excitement of in-person gambling, no matter where you are. Live casino games may be at a faster pace than traditional online casino games. If you are a new player, then traditional online casino games may be a better place to start.

    đź‘‘ What Are the Advantages of Live Dealer Casino?

    Live casino dealer games offer the real-time excitement that you would get from going to a brick-and-mortar casino. These games are more fun and realistic!

    đź‘‘ Do Live Dealer Games Stream from Real Land-Based Casinos?

    Yes, they do. A live casino in Ontario, Canada, uses live dealers that are streaming from land-based venues. By playing live dealer games, you can enjoy the feel and excitement of in-person gambling from wherever you like.

    đź‘‘ Can I Play Live Casino for Free?

    King Billy does not offer live dealer games for free. But you can play free versions of all the table games at King Billy to hone your skills and practice for the real thing. All you have to do is go to King Billy and create a free account. From there, you can choose from a wide variety of free games to play.

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